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Cost of 24-Hour Air Conditioning Service

Emergency 24-Hour Air Conditioning Service

Many HVAC companies offer 24-hour air conditioning service. But when you have to call them off hours, your first question may be: “What is the cost?”

The short answer is: Well, it depends.

Type of service needed24-hour-hvac-service

The first question you’ll have to ask yourself when considering the cost of 24-hour maintenance on your HVAC system is to figure out what kind of service is needed. This may be something as simple as a leak or the fact that it’s not working. Make a detailed list of problems that you notice before you call. Telling the technician the exact problem can help reduce the cost of your 24-hour air conditioning service.

Of course, keep in mind that commercial and residential services may also be different. Make sure that you specify the model of your equipment and the capacity it functions in – whether it’s a business or home that needs the emergency service.

Location of service needed

Of course, if your home or business is in a remote location, you are accustomed to hearing that costs for services will be higher. Consider how much time the technician will have to travel to get to your location, because the costs can vary depending on drive time.

Also, consider the location inside your building that the technician will have to access. If your HVAC equipment is on the roof, in the basement, or in a difficult area to access, you can expect additional costs.

24-hour air conditioning service options

Sometimes, you can wait until business hours to have your HVAC unit serviced. However, other things, you don’t want to wait.

If the weather or temperature conditions are so extreme that people’s health and wellbeing can be affected by not having a working heating or air conditioning system, call for emergency repair. No one in your home or business should be at risk because of a repair that could be made.

Some of the other emergency conditions that you should consider calling for 24-hour air conditioning service include:

  • Leaking or overflowing A/C drainage system. If your A/C unit, furnace, or the drainage system are clogged or leaking, call for an immediate assessment. Drainage and leaks can cause much larger problems the longer you leave them.
  • Leaking coolant or chemicals: If your HVAC unit is leaking coolant or if you notice other substances or build-up on your unit, call for immediate service. Some problems can not be repaired in the dark, but make sure that a certified technician secures the unit so it doesn’t cause harm to people or animals in the meantime.
  • Burning, smoke, or overheating: If your HVAC unit is smoking, you smell burning, or there is any obvious fire, immediately shut off the power from the circuit breaker and call for emergency service. Do not attempt to open the unit and assess the damage yourself.

If you’re not sure if your issue is an emergency, go ahead and call. A technician should get back to you soon, if they don’t answer immediately. Give them as many details of the situation as you can, and they will help you assess if you need 24-hour air conditioning service.

General cost of 24-hour air conditioning service

In general, the cost of after hours HVAC service can range from $75 to $300 per hour. In some areas or situations, the cost can be even higher. If your technician has to bring specialty equipment, if you have an older system that needs extensive repairs or replacement, your costs can vary. Depending on the time of year, the number of service calls that the company is receiving, or if there is a larger general emergency going on, you can expect higher costs.

unprepared-hvac-emergencyLowering the cost of emergency HVAC repair

Reduce the cost of a late-night service call by performing regular, preventative maintenance on your equipment. Have your equipment information saved and accessible, and don’t wait until the last minute to find a reliable HVAC company. If you’ve built a relationship with a local air conditioning company, you might negotiate after-hours rates with them, if you’re a regular or repeat customer. If you can even price local companies beforehand, it can help.

Emergencies happen. Don’t let a 24-hour air conditioning service be a problem. One quick call is all you should need to fix it, and if you’re prepared, the costs won’t be excessive.

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