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5 Signs You Need to Call Your Local Plumber

Sometimes the reasons to contact a plumber are obvious. For example, A pipe bursts and water is flooding all over the house, you don’t waste time to make that call. In some situations, however, the need to contact a plumber may not be overly obvious. Here are the five signs why you might need to contact a plumber, even if the situation doesn’t seem important or serious at first glance.

Portrait of local plumber fixing a sink in bathroom

1. Your Toilet Runs So Much It Should Be In A Marathon

If your toilet randomly runs – as in, you can hear water filling out the tank even though no one used it – then you may need to contact a local plumber. A lot of people just accepts a toilet that randomly runs, concluding it as just a normal noisy toilet. However, your noisy toilet could be messing up the water bill. fact is, running toilets are the leading cause of abnormally high water bills. If your toilet is running, that means the sealant connecting the tank and the bowl is ruined, causing water to leak into the bowl and causing the tank to constantly need to refill. A plumber can fix this problem easily.

2. A Pipe Is Leaking A Little Bit

Leaky pipes are also some of the annoyances many people just accept, especially if the leak is tiny. After all, if the water leaking is small in its volume, it doesn’t seem like a big deal of concern. However, any leaky pipe gives a big risk to the house. Not only are leaky pipes most often than not might break or burst, but these little leaks can obviously drive up the cost of your water bill in the long run.


3. Your Family Is Used To Short Showers

Unless you knowingly bought a very small or highly cost-effective water heater, not a single-family home should be a place where a family have to race to be the first one to enjoy the hot water. Any type of water heater should be able to sufficiently provide everyone with satisfactorily amount of water for everyone to use comfortably. If your hot water isn’t doing its job, contact a local plumber. You may not need a brand new unit if the one you already have can be fixed.

Plumber With Adjustable Wrench

4. Your Basement Is Always Damp

While a commonly damp basement can be the cause of poor insulation and rainwater flooding in, it can also be because of leaky pipes. If you always see water collecting but can pinpoint where it could be coming from, a plumber will normally be able to locate the source. Excess water on floors and walls can cause a whole lot of issues, the least of all being mold. Not only can mold might cost you a fortune, but it can be risky for your family’s health. The last thing you want as a homeowner is to find out that your house has mold; it’s important that you call a plumber if you’re getting excess water in your basement.

5. Your Bathtub Takes A Long While To Drain

If your bathtub or shower takes forever to drain, you might initially clean out the top and pour liquid drain clogging solutions. While this will probably work, some drains that have collected over time dirt require a local plumber. A bathtub or shower should drain out almost instantly. If they don’t it might be time to contact your local plumber.

You shouldn’t have to live with any of these inconveniences when a professional plumber can easily fix them. If you’re having any of these issues, it’s best to bring in the experts ASAP.

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