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A smart lighting system can enhance your home life.

4 Benefits of a Smart Lighting System

Several factors make a home smart. If you want to transform your house into a smart home, one of the easiest and most convenient ways to start is incorporating a smart lighting system in your property.

A smart lighting system can help you with your energy efficiency measures, streamline your daily home activities, add a layer of home security, and give you smart home automation functions.

In today’s post, let’s take a closer look at a smart lighting and how you can fully utilize this smart home component.

What Is a Smart Lighting System?

First, let’s define what smart lighting is and what this system entails. It’s more than just a technologically advanced bulb that you can control from an app on your smartphone.

Essentially, a smart lighting system is the intuitive integration of all the lighting in your house. You can create multiple functions and settings with them, all in which you can control remotely.

You can do the remote control functions by using a mobile app, voice assistants, keypads, touchscreens, or remote control.

Some of the controls you can do are dimming the lights, changing their colors and hues, turning light fixtures on or off as a cluster or individually, or setting a specific mood.

With a single action, you can set a lighting mood in your home. Whether you want to dim the lights when you want to watch a movie in the living room, turn the brightness up in the kitchen when you’re cooking a meal, or turn the lights on remotely even when you’re away to ward off intruders.

One of the smartest features of a smart lighting system indeed is that it’s more than just about the lights themselves.

Smart Lighting Installation

There are two primary ways of installing smart lighting systems.

Wireless Installation

If you want to retrofit smart lighting in your home, your best option is wireless installation. This procedure uses the existing wires that connect your lighting switches.

However, the regular switches are removed and replaced with either a keypad or smart switch that can be integrated wirelessly to the central controller.

Centralized Installation

This type of smart lighting installation is ideal for new homes that are being constructed or properties undergoing significant renovations.

The way this installation works is the lights are all connected to the main location, similar to a breaker box. It’s then hardwired and integrated into the central smart home automation system.

What You Can Do with Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting Can Help Keep Your Home Safe While You’re Away

With its remote access features, you can utilize smart lighting to help prevent burglars or thieves targeting your home.

Turn the lights on or off to make it appear someone’s home even when you’re away. Having this option adds a layer of security to your home. This feature is perfect when you are out of town or away on holiday.

Energy Efficiency Is a Big Deal

Smart lights are a big help towards your home energy efficiency efforts. With smart lights, you can set them to turn on, off, dimmer, or brighter, at specific times that they are needed or not.

Even if you forget to switch the lights off after leaving your house, you can remedy that by controlling them remotely. This way, you’re not wasting any power.

Make the Holidays Lovely

You can set your smart lighting in a certain mood to get you into the holiday spirit. What’s fantastic is you can do all these settings without the inconvenience of turning the lights on and off every single time.

Embrace Smart Lighting Systems

If you want to start integrating smart home features into your home, you can start with smart lights. By embracing this technology, you are well on your way to having a home with futuristic features.

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